A New Season

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Dear Friends and Family!

Our hearts are filled with thankfulness as we see God at work in our lives and in our surroundings.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer. One of our last prayer requests was for the completion of the GED for Melek, so that she would be able to homeschool… Unfortunately, what she had already started in Illinois was not recognized here, which means she would have to start all over. It was a big disappointment for her, but nothing catches God by surprise!

As many of you already know, William was offered a full-time position as a Spanish and Bible teacher in one of the best Christian Schools of Florence, The King’s Academy. In addition to this blessing, they offered a full scholarship for our oldest son Kean! Our ways are not His ways!

So here we are! Ready to start this new scholar year praying that God will use our lives to accomplish His purposes. We are so amazed at how God puts all the pieces together! Every week we are connecting and meeting with more and more people and we have been so blessed by His Church.

Another source of thankfulness has been to see God moving in Kean’s life and heart. When we got to this house, we found a very old book called “The devotions for the children’s hour” by Kenneth N. Taylor.

It has been a wonderful tool God uses to unfold the His Truth to Kean’s mind and heart and to allow the Holy Spirit to move in and through Him. What a privilege to show him the way to Jesus and to witness the work of God in his heart.

Here are some prayer requests we would like to share with you. Again, THANK YOU for your love and support!!

Prayer Requests:

  • The Salvation of the McLeod family (our landlord, his cousins and aunt).
  • The connection between William and his students, almost 200 of them. That God’s Spirit will open their hearts to Him and that lives will be transformed by Him.
  • We are somehow planning to have our first outreach event soon, pray with us that God will show us “the” kind of outreach He wants us to do.
  • For our children to get adjusted to their new routine and friends as school has fully started this week.
“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” Col.3:23

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  1. we thank thank thank our Great and Mighty God for each of you !!! how amazingly blessed we are to have you with us here at a ” time like this” we know this is His Divine plan to use you r whole family to usher in a move of the Spirit that will bring more and more of His Presence and impact lives ignite passion for Jesus !!! serving Him with wholehearted devotion.!!! oh praise the Lord !!! love love love y’all. leslie

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