Gio Pineda – Lessons from the Virus Crisis.

Some of us still live by the echo of the old song… “When the going gets though,  the tough gets going.”   The desire for a better life and “the pursuit of happiness” drives us through the crisis.

But don’t let it blind you from the deeper lessons of this time.  Because we do have time to think of the deeper things of life.

Here I share four lessons, you probably have more.

Lesson 1.

We are vulnerable, temporary and fragile.

“All we are is dust in the wind.”  Or from the pages of the Bible, like “a vapor in time that vanishes quickly.”

Our systems, economies and sense of security has all been seriously challenged by a virus that we didn’t know how to control.  The virus and pandemic really wasn’t a new thing.  It has happened before but we just didn’t learn.  We were living as if it could never happen again.  I hope and pray that after this time is done and gone we don’t end up doing the  same thing and be surprised again.

This virus is touching young and old,  strong and weak,  rich and poor.  Ah yes,  even the ultra-rich cannot buy what has not been invented yet.  And  yes…., we will  hopefully learn and even invent a solution for this, and maybe the next one won’t take us out of the game so quick. Maybe.

Lesson 2.

What the Bible predicts in the book of revelation could actually happen.  

This virus is not exactly what the scriptures declares for the end times, but it reminds us that hard times will come.  This virus is more like a taste of what is to happen in the “great tribulation” that we have heard about.

Lesson 3.

We need a savior.  

We can continue to trust and believe in the evolution of man kind,  science and technology.  But as we can see from point one, we are limited and will need serious development to attempt survival from an apocalyptic type crisis that is generated on earth and then there is the possibility of crisis generated outside our planet.  No, not aliens, but comets or meteorites that we are at this point only observing as they pass by.  We are light years from having any type of control over the outer space.

Our tech on earth has developed enough to give us communication, transport and toys of entertainment, even military protection from human physical and virtual attacks but how do we protect ourselves from biology and chemistry outside our control?  How do we protect from that which can attack the mind?  Lies and fear or  anger?

Then comes the big question because even if we can one day figure out how to protect ourselves from all that can destroy the body and the mind, how will we defend ourselves from the one who can destroy the spirit that lives inside or bodies?  The very essence of non physical life.

Lesson 4.

God has a purpose for this virus and all that happens.  He is at work, so be still and watch what He does.  Know that He is God, He is the one who saves, He will build his church and purify it and rejoice in his great work.  Stop missing your work because we are not gods, we don’t save.  We only serve him when, where and how He wants it.  So be still.  Delight in the Lord your God.

In the Bible after any disaster or announcement of disaster God declares the reason for it: “SO THAT THEY WILL KNOW THAT I AM GOD”

This is the message.   the main lesson.  Don’t miss it.  HE IS GOD, not us.

In the book of Isaiah God also declares:  “I, only I am the Lord and apart from me there is no savior.”

Jesus also declares in the gospel of John:  “I am the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through me”

The testimony of the Scriptures is that there is only salvation in Jesus messiah, the son of the living God.

Choose today who you will follow.  

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